Friday, April 18, 2008

mad gaming skillz

so this what i do a few times a month. "Heroscape (sometimes HeroScape) is an expandable turn-based miniature wargaming system" according to wikipedia. the full article is here. cameron (my 11yo son) and i play by our house rules and a game takes about an hour and a half. i'm the only one that will play with him. nobody else has the patience. honestly, i think it's also because somewhere in me there's probably a bit of an 11 yo boy/tomboy lurking. it takes strategy, a little luck, and a bit of ye olde trashtalk. again with the prepubescent boy coming in handy. it usually takes him a little bit of sweet-talking to talk me into a game but once we get into it, it gets competitive. we're pretty evenly matched. (yeah, i'm not even gonna think about the implications that makes on my intelligence.) pictured are two of our favorite heroes, syvarris the archer, who belongs to cameron, and agent carr, my hero. and of course the 20-sided die, beloved of geeks everywhere. anyone that plays it seriously would laugh at us and our batardisation of the rules. then kick our butts.

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