Saturday, April 12, 2008

it's saturday?!?

it's bluebonnet season in texas.

this is the holly bush in our backyard.

and just one of the many pieces of milkglass i own.

i also did a little painting. i have prints of this one, above, available at etsy and i did some work on some new ones. the new girls will be a series entitled "mother, sister, lover" and will portray survivors of breast cancer. they will show women who have undergone partial mastectomies. they will be available at normal price or a special sale price with a donation to the breast cancer association of your choice, i think. i'm still working out the details on that part.

oh, wow. i just realized it was saturday evening and not sunday. :D i'm off to enjoy it.

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Kelly Snelling said...

clap! clap! clap! i can't wait! i was just on the phone with hoag hospital and they are having an art show featuring the work of cancer survivors, the doctors, and staff of the hospital. so i am bringing some pieces there for it. we are in tune! and your milk glass is lovely! it is the one sort of glassware that i collect. xo-kelly