Friday, March 28, 2008

still unplugged?

why, yes, thank you for asking. ;) we've had four successful unplugged nights so far. that's one whole month. 11 more months to go. and to be perfectly honest, i haven't missed a thing. i get more painting done. i get some house things done. i spend more time with the kids. cameron and i both get more reading done. (altho i need to step it up if i'm going to meet my goal of reading 50 fiction books this year. i've only managed 8 so far and it's almost april.) kaitlin got ungrounded and is now joining us on unplugged night. not necessarily voluntarily, tho. :D oh well, it's good for her.

i highly recommend it to everyone who feels like tv/internet/electronics are taking over their whole life sometimes.

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